Founded in 2012, INTER ALIA projects is a full-service exhibition and publication production agency specializing in arts and design. Its establishment is a response to a need for venues that generate interactions between interdisciplinary media. Different locations and contexts create a dynamic open forum for a range of interpretations and reflections on the fields of practice under the umbrella of art and design.
INTER ALIA determines each project site according to the terms of the particular concept in order to facilitate direct engagement between designers, artists, makers, and consumers on their home turf.
INTER ALIA acts as a catalyst for intriguing conversations between local traditions and new approaches in art, craft, and design.



An art historian, curator, researcher, editor, art director, photographer, and scribbler with artistic ambitions, I combine my love of objects, words, and images to present exhibition and publication packages to art museums and galleries, events, organizations, artists, and designers. My foremost mission is to give a voice to the story of objects and the people who make them. Having lived in a number of nations and cities including Seattle, New York, Seoul, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv has broadened my philosophical approach and honed my ability to bring together elements that are not conventionally considered relatable.
INTER ALIA is an expansion of work I have done with clients such as The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; the Museum of Arts and Design, New York; and many individual galleries, artists, and designers. With over ten years invested in art museums and cultural outreach organizations, as well as a solid academic background in fine arts and design, I strive to bring a fresh yet comprehensive approach to the realization of arts initiatives.


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