INTER ALIA Fine Art & Design Consulting

With roots in the most dynamic art centers across the globe – including Istanbul, London, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Seoul, and Tel Aviv –  INTER ALIA strives to connect clients with exceptional works of art and design to result in the initiation and cultivation of a meaningful, complete collection. Catering to individual, non-profit, and corporate clients as well as architects and interior designers, our comprehensive service offers everything from customized collection goals, connoisseurship and appraisals, brokerage, and research and documentation; to framing and installation, art education and tours, and portfolio management. We can advise with the initiation of your new collection, or with identifying ways to bolster the scope and integrity of your existing collection.
With over 10 years experience presenting, researching, and collection-building in museums and galleries, we possess a proven eye for spotting young talent with a bright future. Through us, you will have access to masterful pieces of art and design from all over the world. We will cultivate a collection strategy fit for any budget or demand. Whatever the scale, an uncompromising commitment to excellence defines all of INTER ALIA’s endeavors.

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