EYE CANDY: Mouthwatering Objects of Art and Design
18 October – 30 November 2012
INTER ALIA’s newest exhibition, EYE CANDY: Mouthwatering Objects of Art and Design, presents works that are “feasts” for the eyes. Exuberant color and texture give us an escape, allow us to bathe in sensual pleasures, and to consume without guilt. Each of the pieces on view in EYE CANDY displays sparkling or shining, built-up surfaces; luxurious, saturated color; and layers upon layers of visual elements – highly developed languages that provide a vehicle for the ideas contained within.
 In keeping with INTER ALIA’s interdisciplinary mission, the exhibition will feature new works of painting, sculpture, jewelry, and furniture that share a focus on materials, process, craft, and skill. Sensitive to the effects of color and surface finish, each of the eight participating artists and designers has carved a path of individual expression guided in large part by the materials they use – whether rare and exotic or prosaic and industrial. This approach summarizes the mission of the gallery: to create an arena in which art and design works that demonstrate a high level of execution and conceptual thought might be viewed and discussed in a new way.
Participating artists: Bakery Studio – Ran Amitai & Gilli Kuchik, Elsa Ers, Liora Kanterewicz, Gregory Larin, Eden Ohana, Oum Kultuv, Shany Priness, Doron Taubenfeld


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