Telling Tales: Narratives in Contemporary Metal and Jewelry Art

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Telling Tales: Narratives in Contemporary Metal and Jewelry Art presents new works by 22 artists who work primarily in metals, silversmithing, or conceptual art jewelry. Participating artists responded to a curatorial call for artistic interpretations of the stories and fables that shaped and influenced them. The exhibition is on view at the Art House gallery, Mevasseret Zion, from 31 January – 28 February 2014.


WerkSpace: Contemporary Jewelry in the Spaces that Witness Its Creation

INTER ALIA projects is pleased to announce the launch of WerkSpace, a new series of exhibitions that presents works by artists in the field of contemporary jewelry, in the studios in which the works were conceived and realized. The studio – a place of work, of conflicts, of chaos and clutter, and of order and resolution – provides a reflexive context for encountering these works and a rare glimpse into the environments that witnessed their creation. The titular launch exhibition for WerkSpace features works by 12 prominent and emerging local artists who challenge established definitions of jewelry through unconventional materials, nontraditional processes, and dedication to personal expression.
WerkSpace is hosted in 4 studios in 3 cities. Though each of these work domains – whether residential, commercial, or industrial – is a distinct reflection of the individual artist, each is equipped with the archetypal implements and devices indispensable to the world of contemporary art jewelry. The concept behind WerkSpace summarizes the mission of INTER ALIA projects: to organize arenas in which art and design demonstrating a high level of execution and conceptual thought might be viewed and discussed in a new way.


Elsa Ers: Body Is a Temple

Elsa Ers 8Elsa Ers is a painter and textile artist. Born and raised in Istanbul and now living in Tel Aviv, she employs a  process-based approach to painting, developed over years of experimentation with materials and techniques. In her 2012 series of large-scale, mixed-media paintings, titled Body Is a Temple, Ers presents highly abstracted yet figural compositions that raise questions on the dichotomies between the sanctity of the spirit and the temporal flesh. Driven by extensive experiments in process that are – in and of themselves – excavations of the terrestrial female body, these paintings summon the opposing realms of the sublime and the profane, whose locus is found in the human form.


Eye Candy: Mouthwatering Objects of Art and Design

Eye Candy: Mouthwatering Objects of Art and Design presents works that are “feasts” for the eyes. Exuberant color and texture give us an escape, allow us to bathe in sensual pleasures, and to consume without guilt. Each of the pieces on view in EYE CANDY displays sparkling or shining, built-up surfaces; luxurious, saturated color; and layers upon layers of visual elements – highly developed languages that provide a vehicle for the ideas contained within.


Foreign Body: Giving Jewelry a Second Look

Foreign Body: Giving Jewelry a Second Look features the work of 15 Israeli jewelers who demonstrate an unfaltering commitment to individual expression through highly-developed techniques in jewelry-making. The works in the exhibition challenge traditional, mainstream attitudes toward this ancient practice with surprising investigations on scale, wearability, materials, and narrative or critical content, positioning the body as a locus for unfamiliar encounters between jewelry object and wearer. See more

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